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Nev. Casino Offered Links to Curacao Online Gambling Sites

Online gambling Therefore, the company decided instead to add links on its website that would redirect players to other online gambling sites under the “play online” and “play even when away” icons. The links allowed customers to directly connect to more than 15 different gambling sites that were either associated with Affiliate Edge, formally known as Club World Casino, or Deck Media. These two operators are licensed and located in Curacao. Among the 15 sites, 11 offered real-money gambling options, as well as the free-play options. Three of the sites offering real-money gambling options claimed that players based in the United States were also allowed to take part. The complaint states that Boomtown was content with earning commissions by redirecting its players to the Curacao-based online gambling sites, which also included banner ads that promoted Boomtown. However, the jig was up in March 2017 when one of the players suspected there was something wrong with the practice, contacted the GCB and inquired as to whether the online gambling links Boomtown was offering were legitimate. An agent of GCB contacted Boomtown in August and informed the company that it was sailing in illegal waters with its online gambling links. In its investigation, the GCB also discovered that Boomtown’s digital presence was completely run by a single individual. The graphic designer also apparently did not appear to have any knowledge of Nevada’s gaming laws. This notwithstanding, Boomtown allowed the individual to continue without putting in place any kind of oversight role with regards to his actions.

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